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As from the first of july 2016, Active and Effective Media have joined forces.
More info will follow shortly.



Wij geloven dat een goed ontwerp in combinatie met een sterke inhoud kan het gedrag van klanten beïnvloeden. Boven alles , bieden wij oplossingen . Wat uitdaging die we nemen , ons doel is om creatieve en effectieve inhoud en design oplossingen die leiden tot klanttevredenheid en interactie met de klant te produceren. Wij stellen altijd een cocktail van intelligente strategie , sterk concept , doordacht design en project management . Zoals elk merk is uniek , elke klant krijgt zijn persoonlijke aanpak.


Active, as a content creation agency, is for most of its customers a one-stop-shop. Our editors, designers, strategists and developers work closely together under the same roof to strengthen your brand. Each and every medium is developed inhouse which increases reactivity and shortens production times.

Our core business consists of content creation towards business clients since 20 years.
We have obtained a leading role in the belgian automotive and fleet sector, but our dedication doesn’t stop after automotive.
In the past we have worked with a large number of different clients from different sectors


As each brand is unique, it has its own approach, strategy and target audience. Nowadays, there are several ways of targetting an audience. Choosing just one of them mostly doesn’t bring the desired result. The right combination of channels combined with carefully chosen and powerful content is the best strategy.

Want to get to know your content creation DNA?




Content is King.

Content creation is one of the most important parts of a successful marketing strategy. Strong content has a positive effect on the results , it improves your brand awareness, the image of your company and increases the conversion. Strong content should play an important role in everything you do. Especially in the field of search engine marketing.

But… Content marketing is an endurance sport . It’s labor intensive and it is a process, not a project. When developing content, it is especially important that you think in terms of the visitor. He’s looking for and offering you this enough and the right information? The provision of information may be in a variety of forms . Think of articles, images, presentations, videos, sound clips and brochures.A strong mix of content in combination with a user-friendly environment often results in the best performance. You will find that good content is shared automatically. This has a direct effect on the number of links and visitors who will visit your website. Content creation is therefore an important part of inbound marketing. Potential clients come naturally to you.


Impressive figures.

content creation

Content creation is for most organizations of vital importance :

  • 20 % of all web access is from shared content.

  • 70 % of consumers prefer to learn to know a company through editorials, then through advertisements.

  • 67% more leads. Received firms with an active blog compared with companies without blog.

  • 80% of business decision makers obtain information about a company rather than through editorial content through advertisements.

  • 70 % say they feel more involved with a company that publishes good content.

  • 60% indicates that content from companies to assist them in making purchasing decisions.


Do it yourself?

The question therefore for most organizations is not whether they should start with content creation, but when and how.

But most organizations have little or no experience on a larger scale and regularly producing editorial content. And especially after the numerous restructurings of the past five years, many companies and departments already pretty understaffed when it comes to their current jobs. Let alone that they may have to work in the form of content creation . Their main concern is: how do I use my resources – people, time and money – in the best possible way ?

Outsourcing benefits

  • A different, fresh perspective on your case.
  • More capacity if necessary
  • Higher flexibility
  • Special knowledge and skills.
  • Easier to impose a coherent style.
  • Make use of the distribution capabilities of your partner (own blogs, social media accounts , network, etc).


We exist to help you. 

Active can develop your content, from simple texts to extensive documents, stills to videos and sound clips. We have a solid 20 years in-house expertise in creating content for a variety of (international) customers. Our specialty is automotive but we are of all trades.

If you are interested in a good talk about content creation please contact us by using the contact page.


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We offer a wide variety of solutions to store your content or establish and expand your brand identity/awareness.



Tailor Made

There is no such thing a ‘prêt-à-porter’ in communication. Each brand or company has it’s own identity and wishes to show it’s unique DNA. After establishing the profile and identity, every client receives their unique approach and follow-up.



For each and every assignment, from a small invitation to an extended campaign, Active tries to achieve the best possible result by using strong concepts which are a the base of good communication, ideal for creating modern and strong brands.


Logos & Corporate identity

Logos & CI created by Active are immediately recognizable and tell something about the values, philisophy, market position and company objectives. Our creatives are in touch with the newest design trends in order to create modern and innovative logos.


Advertisements & Campaigns

A strong ad or campaign is based on a strong concept. What is the ‘core message’ and what is the best creative way to get this message to your target crowd. We always go for a creative message that is easy to understand and recognize so it stay’s easily with the customer. No need to look for an external prepress studio as Active has many years of experience in this field, for print as well as digital.




Salesfolders, exclusive brochures

A luxurious company brochure? A stylish folder? The past 17 years, Active gathered enough experience to complete each and every job with succes in order to give your products the good impression they diserve. Our experienced prepress department can handle everything for you. Layout, paper choice, print follow-up etc to ensure the result is perfect and in time.


Active can create mailings that stand out and don’t get lost in publicity piles by using smart graphic design, special enveloppes and good messages, Personalised content and sending, to specific crowds or box-to-box media, we can meet your needs.

Outdoor publicity & visibility

Company cars or trucks, as well as your building, are a very interesting, flexible and visible way to tell your message. By making your message visible, you expand your presence and your brand will grow stronger.



Websites & Online communication

Just being on the internet is not enough anymore. A website is the first encounter with a possible customer so the first impression must be a strong one. It is also a window to your company that can be accessed any time of the day. Active offers a wide range of internet services such as domain registration, e-mailmarketing, hosting and so on.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is a must in your communication. Almost everyone holds a social media account and uses it even more than a conventional postal box. Although it’s not difficult to enter this amazing medium, there are many dangers and don’ts. Active can help and guide you to use these different channels in the best possible way.

Tablet Publishing

The hype of this decade thus far! Tablets are everywhere, in Belgium 1 out of 2 families owns a tablet and the number keeps growing rapidly. No need to say that this medium allows you to touch a huge number of potential customers. The tablets are also the perfect way to make a brilliant presentation in order to convince your prospects. Active has the skills to develop dynamic presentations, as well as tablet magazines filled with rich media.


In need of a quick and smooth presentation? Slideshowpresentations have many possbilities to offer. It is easy to put together a small presentation but when you need to be really convincing you should call for help. Active designers can easily create and setup the ideal presentation for you, so you can focus on the sales talk itself.





We believe good design combined with strong content can influence customer behavior. Above all, we offer solutions. Whatever challenge we take on, our aim is to produce creative and effective content & design solutions which lead to client satisfaction & customer interaction. We always propose a cocktail of intelligent strategy, strong concept, thought through design and project management. As every brand is unique, each client receives his personal approach.

Customer Chemistry


In the last 20 years, Active has been creating quality content for a wide variety of customers. 
Content creation has been around for a long time. Customer Magazines are one of the oldest forms of content marketing but still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. In the past they only existed in paper shape but today there are plenty of alternatives like digital newsletters, blogs, iMags, tablet magazines…

Where previously printed magazines were used as the starting point, possibly supplemented by a blog that is actively posted, now digital customer media more and more exists on its own. Each separate medium has its pros and cons and is more or less suitable for every type of business and target audience.

Content creation has several attractive and powerful features :



Through entertaining and informative content, customer media build a bond between brand and reader. This trust can be used to get your customers to take some form of action. Customers can take in the information in their own time, recognising the work and creativity that goes into every issue. Over time, this can have a dramatic impact on customer loyalty.

Targeting Power

Customers are a varied group, but for example magazines have the ability to target all customers, tailoring content specifically for their background and habits. In 2008, Royal Mail’s Advantage Study (UK) showed that a quarter of all customer titles are segmented to suit differing reader demographics. With brands recognising the need for a more personalised approach, this figure is rising all the time.


The most common reason for commissioning a customer magazine or webblogs is loyalty. With a regular and substantial communication such as a magazine, your customers have a regular and reliable source of information and entertainment, with your brand gaining unparalleled access into their lives.


Customer media are created with entertainment at their core. Getting the customer interested in the content is a key step. Once you have their interest, they’ll be more receptive to any messages you wish to get across. Even better, provide them with useful editorial such as tips, advice, recipes and contact details, and they are more likely to keep the magazine, returning to it time and time again.


Modern customer media is created by people with years of editorial and design experience. They know how to entice customers into reading each page and take in the information given, which gives any brand a golden opportunity to communicate a whole range of complex messages


WHen it comes to print, the tangible feeling of holding a magazine in your hands is something consumers still love. And with that comes the vital element of control: the title can be picked up and put down at will. The customer magazine engages with the reader when they are relaxed and ready to take in its brand messages. Titles will entertain and inform while subtly building the brand as the reader takes in more and more information.

Return On Investment

When looking at ROI, print and online offers a vital guarantee of measurability, giving the chance to see exactly who the content has reached to and which readers have engaged and responded to the content they have been targeted with. This response can be used to build up a valuable picture of your customer base. Gathered data can then be used to focus your marketing objectives further and target your content more effectively for even better results.


Discover some of our realisations below.

digital: vwmagazine.be, LeasePlan Intentions



We currently have no openings but we are always interested in strong candidats. Requests for internships will be handled per case.


Send your application to Philippe Quatennens, CEO – philippe.quatennens@activemail.be

Creative people send it to Peter Meyskens, Creative Director – peter.meyskens@activemail.be. (please include some of your work)



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